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Knoxville Corporate Headshots and Group Photos

Quality Knoxville corporate headshot photography without the hassle. Colby’s Photos & Videos has a track record of consistently creating high-quality group portraits. Their speedy processes gets your people back to work and absorbs as little of your time as possible while ensuring everyone is happy so you don’t get complaints. They can match the look and feel of company headshots you’ve had done in the past, so you won’t be able to tell your office portraits weren’t taken on the same day.

“They made it easy so I could check it off of my to-do list.” —Connie White

Speedy process that gets people back to work, including you. Every step has been streamlined from the initial call to the final delivery of your team portraits to save you time and therefore money. The actual photography is coordinated and executed to keep a fast pace while maintaining the highest quality. Colby’s selection process keeps you from wasting your time. It’s a big improvement over antiquated web galleries. You don’t have to track people down for a decision. And you avoid costly, time-consuming re-shoots.

“Colby’s Photos & Videos is efficient and goes above and beyond to make the process as simple as possible.” –Jessica Teske

Ensures everyone is happy so no complaints. They create a relaxed environment where each of your people is treated as an individual. It’s not the “school photo” experience. Instead, they engage each person to capture their best side and use flattering lighting specific to them. They use an on-site image selection system, so everyone picks their favorite shot immediately. This also makes sure everyone is happy with the results.

“Any photographer who can photograph 13 women and have them all be happy with the results is certainly talented.”—George Smith

Consistent staff portraits—every time. They use specialized equipment and repeated processes to make sure that your team portraits will always look similar. If they photograph portraits years apart, or at various locations around the nation, they will look as if they were taken on the same day. They can also match the look of existing corporate headshots—again saving you time and money.

If you want to put your company’s best foot forward with corporate headshots, group portraits, or company portraits, call today to schedule.


You don’t have to worry about a thing. They designed a process that saves you and your employees time while making sure nothing is missed, and there are no surprises.

Steps for onsite corporate company headshots

After a short conversation, they can give you a quick quote you can rely on. The paperwork is the first step, which includes the quote, contract, and retainer payment. The shoot is the second step, which starts with scheduling. They have time set aside weekly for your headshots and a very flexible schedule to match your needs. Next, they’ll tell you everything you need to focus on to prepare for the session so nothing is missed. This preparation makes photo day go smoothly. The last step is finishing everything up. They will create a gallery with the initial edits and make sure everyone is happy. Once everything looks great, you will review the final options for the images, the invoice will be sent, and, after payment, the images will be delivered. Sound easy? It is when you do it hundreds of times a year.

Do you do individual business portraits?

Yes, view details here.

How much do you charge for group portraits?

Because the complexity of our clients’ needs is so varied, it takes a short conversation to determine which options are the best fit for you and to also give you an idea of the investment.

How hard are you to schedule?

Colby’s Photos & Videos is a full-time professional business. Our clients’ schedules are usually much more complex than ours. Our schedule is rarely the challenge.

What if someone can't make it to the on-location shoot? What if we get a new hire after the shoot?

If there are a lot of them, we can schedule another shoot at your location. If there are just a few of them, they can also come down to our downtown Knoxville studio. With our specialized equipment and experience, we can make all the headshots look like they were taken on the same day.

What is your turnaround time for your finished corporate headshots?

We can accommodate any turnaround—even the day of the session for an additional charge. Typical timelines are seven days for every two hours on-site.

Can you match the staff portraits that I Have had done in the past?

Yes, we can match the look and feel of every company’s past portraits. Please provide examples prior to getting an estimate.

Do you do retouching to your corporate headshots?

Yes, every good headshot should include a polish. Our typical client wants a headshot that looks like them but as if they had just come from a wonderful day at the spa. We do not do the unauthentic and unrealistic retouching typical of many dating, wedding, and family portrait photographers. If you want this style with radical weight reduction, extensive age reduction, and/or facial reconstruction, we can also provide that but would warn against it. We will discuss every individual’s retouching desires after the session. If you have your business portrait done in the studio, you might even get it done right then!

What if one of my employees doesn’t like their portraits?

They will be choosing their images immediately after the staff portrait session. If they don’t like them, we will re-photograph them right there, while everything is already set up. This rarely happens but it keeps everyone happy.

Do you do group shots with multiple people in one photograph?

Yes, we photograph anywhere from a couple of people to aerial shots of the entire factory’s employees in one shot.

Can you Photoshop someone in or out of a group shot?

Yes, we are experts at this. It is best to discuss options on how to approach this before any session.

Can you match backgrounds with other portraits or digitally drop-in backgrounds?

Yes, make sure that you bring this up early when discussing your portrait so we can prepare for it beforehand.

Can you do our company Headshots at your studio?

Yes. If you don’t have an appropriate location or your team works remotely, we can schedule employees to come to our downtown Knoxville studio. This is a great option for those that miss the initial shoot or are new hires.

Do You Take Corporate Headshots Outside Of Knoxville As Well?

Absolutely, we do office headshots on-site throughout the Eastern Tennessee region, including Nashville, Maryville, Oak Ridge, and the tri-cities region (Kingsport, Johnson City, and Bristol). Call Colby today for the best professional team headshots not only in Knoxville but also in the surrounding areas.

Do you Do Group Portraits at conventions or tradeshows?

Yes, vendors hire us to do “free” shots for the attendees of their conventions or tradeshows, which creates a lot of buzz, attention to the sponsor’s booth, and easy lead gathering.

Are you used to working with creative teams and marketing departments?

Yes, we love the support and teamwork that this type of project entails, and we can easily collaborate. We are also very used to handling the whole workload ourselves if that better suits your needs. We are flexible.

Who will be taking our company portraits?

Colby McLemore, who has an industry Master’s Degree and Craftsman Degree in photography, is the professional in charge. He is usually behind the camera, but there may be times when other highly qualified members of our staff will be taking your photos. If this is the case, you will know about it and approve it in advance. This typically occurs when there are multiple bays shooting.

How long do you keep my corporate headshots? And do you keep all of the photos taken?

After delivering the final images, we back up and archive all client-purchased images. We delete any unpurchased images. We also strive to keep multiple backups of all final selections. Unfortunately, technology does fail from time to time. We cannot guarantee that we will be able to recover images forever. Also, we strongly suggest that you keep digital copies of your images in a safe, easy-to-find place as well. If at a later date you would like us to recover staff portrait images, there is a minimal digital management fee.

Do You Have Liability Insurance?

Yes. We give it to every client, usually before they ask.

Do you deliver digital files of our group portraits?

Yes and with no additional charge. We cater to business professionals who use their headshots for the internet as well as print advertising that has graphic design work done around the portrait. As most photographers do, we sell the use of the photos, not the photographs themselves.

How Will I Get My Files?

You will be able to download them from the internet. Unlike other photographers and videographers, we don’t sell the content, we sell the use of the content.

How Do We Pay?

You can pay online with almost any type of credit card. You can also send a check through the mail.