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Professional Knoxville Headshot and Business Portrait Photographer

Knoxville headshot photographer Colby McLemore focuses strictly on professional headshots–no dating portraits, glamour shots, weddings, or families here. Our clients desire natural-looking and flattering executive headshots that stand out from the crowd. They want to tell a story that attracts their perfect client. Again, strictly a corporate headshot style, unlike some photographic genres that focus on beautiful but fantastic, disingenuous, and unrealistic imagery through unnatural poses and over-retouching. Our clients use their perfect business headshots for advertising uses across the board such as LinkedIn and Facebook profiles, business cards, brochures, annual reports, billboards, even national ad campaigns. We have had businessmen from other countries come to our Knoxville studio and have traveled to Memphis to create unique professional headshots in Knoxville. (go here if you are looking for a business headshot photographer for your entire company or team)

Amazing portraits have to look natural which doesn’t come from a camera, they come from a personable and experienced photographer that puts you at ease. Colby is known for his easy-going and fun attitude while being professional throughout. He has the experience so that he doesn’t have to focus on the camera, he focuses on you. He feels that although he may meet you as a client, he hopes to leave you as a friend.

“He doesn’t have to tell you to smile, he just has a way of making it fun.” –Pat Postma

Flattering headshots don’t happen by accident, they are crafted. Colby has the experience to use light to sculpt your portrait drawing attention to your beauty while hiding your imperfections. His skillful posing obscures what you don’t want to show and highlights what you do. Only after creating a beautiful and realistic portrait will he use his extensive retouching skills to apply a final polish. The final result must be balanced so that it looks authentic, realistic, and striking.

“Everyone compliments me on my photograph.”–Jo Caruso

The best portraits tell a story which is even more important than if it looks good. Some professions require strength and poise while others require an easy-going manner and likability.  Also, various clients require a laid-back creative twist while others require a conservative and competent feel. These messages are conveyed within milliseconds through the background choice and lighting style but most importantly through body language. Colby studied this throughout his career and even teaches professional classes on it.

“He took the time to learn who I am, what I stand for and the persona that I want to embody, and he engineered that into one of the best headshots.”–John McCulley

If you are wanting to put your best foot forward whenever someone sees your professional business portrait on-location or in the studio, call today to schedule your Knoxville headshot.

Can you do corporate headshots of my entire company on location or in the studio?

Yes, we specialize in on-location corporate portrait photography at your office, convention, annual meeting. We have a fully mobile studio to ensure the highest quality, quick delivery, and no hassles. We will not only make the portraits look good, but we’ll also make sure everyone else is happy with your choice of a photographer. View details here.

How much do you charge for your commercial headshots?

We have a wide range of clients with various individual needs. They range from national ad campaigns and billboards to professional headshots to be used just for social media like LinkedIn. The price depends on the scope of the project. Give us a call in a few minutes we can give you a price you can rely on.

Can you work around my busy schedule?

We are full-time professional headshot photographers. If you have a rush, we’ll bend over backward to make it work for you. Typically, we are able to fit clients in within a few days. If you have very limited availability, it might take a week or so to complete your professional headshots. If you are on a serious time crunch, we can often accommodate you the day that you called for an additional fee.

What is your turnaround time for your finished business portraits?

Most clients have their images emailed to them within an hour of the session (if not even sooner) if done in their Knoxville headshot studio.  However, It may take a little longer depending on the number of images and the complexity of the editing. We can usually give you an idea on your initial call.

Do you retouch your headshots?

Yes, every good headshot should include a polish. Our typical client wants a headshot that looks like them but as if they had just come from a wonderful day at the spa. We do not do the unauthentic and unrealistic retouching typical of many glamour, dating, wedding, and family portrait photographers. If you are wanting this style with radical weight reduction, extensive age reduction, and/or facial reconstruction, we can also provide that. We will discuss every individual’s retouching desires after the session. If you have your business portrait done in the studio, we often retouch it right there!

Do you have makeup services?

Yes, we can provide that.  Corporate headshots usually portray a genuine yet polished version of you. However, if the final images don’t look like you, it confuses your customers. Therefore, it is critical that your makeup artist is used to working with business portraits instead of dating, glamour, wedding portraits. Most clients find that with their makeup and my retouching, they don’t need to make the additional cost in a markup artist.

How long do your portrait sessions take?

Our Knoxville headshot studio portraits typically take around 30 to 45 minutes but we set aside an hour to make sure we get a portrait you love. We have less control over on-location portraits so times vary in these situations. Also, your time is important and we make sure that we keep things moving along. We also help you prepare before you arrive and we have the expertise and processes to successfully do the job. You will not be stuck at the studio for hours in hopes of stumbling across a good portrait.

What if I don’t like my professional portrait?

You get to choose your image right after the portrait session. If you’re not a hundred percent happy, we’ll re-photograph you until we get it perfect. We also retouch them with your input to ensure we don’t do too much or too little. At the end of the session, you get the perfect portraits with the perfect retouching. You won’t leave without loving it. If at a later date, you change your mind and would like another session, there would be an additional investment.

What should I wear and how should I prepare for the corporate headshot?

There is no one answer to this question as it depends on what job you have and what story you are wanting to tell. We will send a generalized preparation list.  We will also give you a call to discuss your specific job and what is desired from someone in your field.

Can you match backgrounds with other business headshots or digitally drop-in backgrounds?

Yes, make sure that you bring this up early when discussing your portrait so that everything can be prepared beforehand. We can do it after the fact but it can be more difficult.

Can you match my headshot with my company's other professional headshots or are you used to working with style guidelines from my company?

Yes, we regularly reverse engineer the style and lighting of companies existing portraits to allow seamless inclusion of your headshots. We are very used to working with your company’s marketing guidelines to deliver the exact style and look your company needs.

How quickly will be able to select our headshot?

Immediately after the portrait session, you will review your images. We will also discuss whatever retouching you’d like done. If you are not happy with your executive portrait, we work together to discuss what you didn’t like and re-shoot it immediately. This assures that you don’t have to do a re-shoot another day or that you will be getting a bad portrait. You will get exactly what you want.

Can I have digital files of our business headshot?

Yes and with no additional charge. We cater to business professionals who use their portraits for their marketing. Our clients need the flexibility of digital files.

Do you do studio portraits or on-location portraits?

Yes, we do both and they each have their advantages and disadvantages. Some of our clients travel from other counties to come to our Knoxville portrait studio. We have also driven up to eight hours to do one portrait. Give us a call and we can discuss what works for your particular needs.

Where is your professional photography studio?

Our local portrait studio is right off the I-40 with easy access to validated parking in downtown Knoxville. Our Knoxville professional headshots attract clients from throughout the state and beyond. 

Do you take headshots outside of Knoxville as well?

Absolutely, we do them on-site throughout the Eastern Tennessee region including Nashville, TN; Maryville, TN; Oak Ridge, TN; and the tri-cities (Kingsport, TN; Johnson City, TN; and Bristol, TN).  Call us today for the best professional headshots not only in Knoxville, TN but also the surrounding areas.

What if I need something more complex than a business headshot for my marketing needs, can you help?

Yes, advertising/brand photography is our specialty. Whether you are only needing business headshots for social media such as LinkedIn headshots or needing a full national ad campaign, we can handle your needs. 

Are you used to working with creative teams and marketing departments?

Yes, we love the support and teamwork that this type of project entails. Although this is true, we are very used to handling the whole load ourselves.

Who will be taking our corporate headshots?

Typically, Colby McLemore who is has a Master’s Degree and Craftsman Degree in photography will be taking your portraits. There may also be times that another highly qualified business headshot photographer of his staff will be taking your portrait but you will know beforehand if this is the case. This is typically the case whenever we are using multiple bays to photograph large groups quickly.

Can I bring a friend along?

Yes, you can bring anyone you’d like to your Knoxville headshot. Anyone that will have a strong voice in choosing your image could be helpful.  However, other people can be distracting and slow down the process.

How long do you keep my corporate headshots and do you keep all of the business headshots taken?

After delivering the final images, we back up and archive all client-purchased images. Also, our goal is to keep multiple backups of all final selects.  However, technology does fail at times and we cannot guarantee that we will be able to recover images forever. We strongly suggest that you keep copies of your images in a safe place and back them up as well.

Do you charge sales tax?

No. Many business headshot photographers produce tangible products necessitating a sales tax in Tennessee. I provide a service delivering images through the internet saving my clients money.

How do you bill?

We invoice you and you can pay by check or credit card.