East Tn and Knoxville Product & Food Photography

Colby’s Photos & Videos creates enticing product photos including mouth watering food photography. Colby works throughout the region on-location, in his downtown Knoxville studio, or area warehouses if the product starts getting large. You have likely already seen his work in catalogues, brochures, menus, websites or even replicas of artwork. Colby McLemore provides high-quality photography that matches perfectly with your specific brand.

“We were simply stunned by the images he captured.” –Kendall Luelf

No matter the complexity of your project, he has the skills to consistently create high quality photos. It is very likely that Colby is already very familiar with photographing products similar to yours. He has the experience with large, small table-top, styled, eCommerce, and about any kind of food you can imagine. Oftentimes, he thinks outside the box to provide clients with options they might not have thought of before. Colby work well with difficult materials such as transparent, reflective, shiny or glass too.

“We appreciated your thorough questions that assured we were all on the same page and would receive exactly what we needed and expected.” –Aileen Stein

Colby provides industry standardized color accuracy so your products and food won’t look off and you’re clients won’t complain that the colors is wrong. When customers purchase products with various colors, you don’t want them to be inaccurate or the are likely to want a return. Any good food photographer knows that the food can look very unappetizing if the color in the photos are not spot on. Colby uses an industry standardized color profiled workflow with calibrated cameras, files, computers, monitors, and most importantly, the delivered files.

“Our marketing department has worked with many photographers in the past and I have to say your level of photography is exceptional.” — Chad Yoas

He regularly matches the look of photography done in the past so they were taken on the same day. Clients often have product or food photography already done. Colby can replicate the look and feel of the photos clients have already had done in the past. More often than not, Colby produces better quality images that mesh well with the past images. As the client gets more product or menu items, Colby can start where he left off and produce images that are incorporated in the previously shot images.

“He listened to exactly what we were looking for and delivered on time and on budget.” –David Jones

Colby can help you with shot lists, finding props, locations as well as models if needed. This can be can be an overwhelming task. He knows where to get props, models, is aware of various locations so he can take over that responsibility if the client requests it. As an experienced food photographer, Colby can also help coordinate food images, including helping style the food and design the sets. Colby taking over this responsibility helps relieve the client’s stress tremendously.

“Colby makes the entire photo shoot experience a breeze.” — Jeff Bales

If you want to make an excellent first impression of your food or products for your customer, reach out today.


How much do you charge for your food or product photography? It depends on the complexity of the project. We have clients with wide ranging needs. In a short conversation, we should be able to give you idea of what your investment would be.

What is the turnaround time for getting the images back? It depends on the number of images and the complexity of the editing required. In the initial conversation, please mention any deadlines. I am a full-time photographer and we will make it work for you.

Do you have a studio to photography my products? Yes, we do. We have one downtown as well as access to warehouses when needed.

Where is your professional photography studio? Our local portrait studio is right off the I-40 with easy access to validated parking in downtown Knoxville.

Can you photograph products at my location? Yes, in most cases we can. This take a bit of a discussion. We need to know what we are walking into so we can be prepared.

Do you do product or food photography in Knoxville only? No, we do them on-site throughout the region.

Do you photograph products being used with models and/or props? Yes, we love doing lifestyle product shoots. These do take more organization and communication to get the shot your wanting.

Can you match our branding or the look and feel of my past product imagery? Yes, in most cases we can. We will need to review the images that you already have photographed. We often can create better quality photos than you have had in the past so it often takes a discussion on how closely you want them to match.

I want a unique look to my photos. Can you do this? Yes, this does take additional effort and time from you. Different and unique can be a lot of things and with a discussion and a little homework for you, we can create a look and feel that matches your brand and needs specifically.

I have a very large product. Can you shoot it? Yes, in most cases we can. We will need to discuss the size, angle of the shot, and the logistics of getting it done.

Can I be there during the photography? Do I have to be there during the shoot? We can accommodate both situations–we have many clients that want to be part of the process and others that just want the final images delivered.

Are you used to working with creative teams and marketing departments? Yes, we love the support and teamwork that this type of project entails. Although this is true, we are very used to handling the whole load ourselves. We are flexible to the needs of the individual needs of the project.

Can you photograph for e-commerce for my website or places such as Amazon? Yes. We will discuss what you are wanting to use the images for before giving an estimate.

Do you photograph clothing on people or mannequins? Yes, we are experienced in this.

Do you photograph copy or artwork? Yes, we are experienced in this.

Do you have liability insurance? Yes. We give it to every client usually before they ask.

How will I get my files? You will be able to download them from the internet. Unlike other photographers & videographers, I don’t sell just the content, I also sell the use of the content.

Do you charge sales tax? I provide a service and do not provide tangible products so I do not charge sales tax.

How do we pay? You can pay online with about any type of credit card or send a check through the mail.