We provide high-quality, affordable videography for small- to medium-sized businesses’ digital marketing for websites, social media, and YouTube advertisements. Our clients are looking for an effective yet not overly complex solution that doesn’t take a large crew or a van of equipment. Great stories have more impact when told in a straight-forward, clean way—that’s exactly what we specialize in. These videos are crafted to feature the quality of your services or products and may contain interviews, video testimonials, or behind-the-scenes construction of products. We are also asked to create client or employee tutorials.

We are longtime story tellers with experience in creating impactful videos that convey your message quickly. It is easy to loose your viewer’s attention, so it is important to design effective, simple, and quick messages. We collaborate with you and your team to determine what is important and how it can be best conveyed to the viewer. We understand lighting like few videographers do. We use quality audio recording and top-tier video editing. We not only know how to tell your story, we also know how to show it.

We hold your hand through the entire process. Our proven formula makes it convenient and as hassle-free as possible. We know that your investment is not only what you pay us but also the time you spend on the project. We make sure that you get the most out of both. We set realistic deadlines, focus on efficiency throughout the process, and are known for our professionalism and consistent communication. We strive to delight instead of to surprise our clients.  



How much do you charge to make a video? We do different types and styles of videos for our clients and the investment depends directly on how complex the project is. Please give us a call and we should be able to give you an estimate fairly quickly.

Are there any additional costs not outlined on the original quote? We work hard to please our clients with the final invoice instead of surprising them. The estimated price you are originally quoted will not change unless the original scope of the project expands. If this happens, we will discuss it with you immediately.

How long does it take to get the final videos? This depends on the complexity of the video. We are full-time videographers/photographers so it will be done as quickly as possible. If you have hard deadlines, we can usually make it happen. Please tell us ahead of time so that we can factor this into the estimate.

Can we use our location for the video? Yes. If we are featuring your company, their services, and your people, it is often done at your location. We will need to have a discussion to make sure you have everything ready and so that we come prepared.

We don’t have a location. Can you find us one or create one? Yes. Please mention this before getting an estimate as there are additional expenses for this.

Do we have to create the scripts or can we have you do it for us? Either will work for us. In either case, it takes a conversation and discussion. If we are to do the script, we will need additional time and investment to create it.

Can you provide voice-over talent? Yes. If you have a specific type or style of voice you want, mention it before getting an estimate as this may require an additional investment.

Can we use a teleprompter? Yes, but they often sound stilted and unnatural. We suggest using them for bullet points at best.

Can we use our own employees or do we have to use models? This depends on the type of videos that you need. If the videos feature interviews or testimonials, then it is best to use your people. If you require a host throughout the video, then a professional model/actor is well worth the investment.

What should be worn for the shoot? Don’t worry, we will send you information as well as discuss what is appropriate for your particular purposes.

Can you provide a professional hair and makeup artist? Yes. As video is not as easy to retouch as photos, this is an important step. If you are going to handle this, please make sure that you pay particular attention to this.

Are you used to working with creative teams and marketing departments? Yes, we love the support and teamwork that this type of project entails. Although this is true, we are very used to handling the whole load ourselves. We can be flexible enough to meet the needs of your project.

Can I made changes to my completed video? Yes. We work hard to make sure we are all on the same page, assuring the final video matches your vision. If you request changes, there may be an additional investment required, depending on where it is in production, how extensive the edits are, as well as what the original quote includes.

When do I pay for my photos? There is a $500 retainer to start your project, which is applicable to the final invoice due after you have approved of and received the videos.

How do we pay? You can pay online with most credits card or send a check through the mail.